5 ideas on how to select your wedding bands

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Marriages should be not only unforgettable for you but it should also be unforgettable for your visitors as well. It is always sensible to keep your visitors interested with excellent music if other factors are going south. It goes without saying that a Wedding Band is a type of insurance coverage for your experience.

It goes without saying it is essential it to take the right choice while choosing the marriage ring. So how do we strategize this do or die scenario with excessive tendency. As with everything your choice becomes simpler if you reach them in a step-by-step procedure. A concern is that you decide on a group that is regional to you. If you reside in Scotland then look for a Wedding Band from Glasgow.

A step-by-step strategy for choosing a Wedding Band for your big day:

1. Understand the audience: The Wedding Band is going to perform…

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Close-Up: Garage Fun MKIII Supra


My good friend Nao, who owns Garage Fun, also organizes a 90’s meet every once in awhile on the skirts of Tokyo.  Last time I went, much to my liking, he had charged up the battery in his MKIII and brought it out for some street fun.


セキネイ and ハラダ checking out something on the Z.


Nao actually said he hadn’t driven it for a few months, so I’m glad he took the time to charge the battery and bring it out.  Everything on this car is geared toward high speed.


DANDY, 70 Love, and Garage Fun decals permanently adhered to the rear window.  All good.


Interior shot – all things monitored.  One gauge he still wants to get is a AFR or wideband.  I won’t go into detail on power specs and engine setup because he’d rather keep it a secret; but believe me when I tell you this…

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Debbie Harry in an unidentified car

Motoring Con Brio

Love. Also an excuse to post some Blondie.

Anyone care to identify the car? We’re thinking 1967 Camaro.

(Image: Bob Gruen)

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Friday Flicks: Will Bond or Lincoln Win the Post-Election Weekend?



Is there any phrase that we should trust less than “return to form”? In music, before they sensibly decided to call it a day, every recent R.E.M. album was labeled with that dreaded description. In film, it’s always associated with new movies released by the once great Woody Allen.

And yet behold! A new contender has emerged, with Skyfall, the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise. The film is receiving almost universal praise, just four years after the critically derided Quantum of Solace — itself a sequel to Casino Royale, hailed in 2006 as a return to form following 2002’s Die Another Day.

What’s taking place to justify the “return to form” tag? Well, if you believe everything you’ve read, we’re in the realms of an origin story to rank with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. No surprise, since it’s helmed by a director of similar…

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